BMW G32 640i GT 335bhp

Remapping and chip tuning your car for more bhp torque and faster acceleration.
  • BMW Remap Chip Tuning
  • BMW Remap Chip Tuning

Here are the BHP and Torque increase figures we can achieve on your custom BMW remap. All our software is developed in house and tested for accuracy in power, torque, fuelling and emissions.

For more information or a cost of our upgrade you can contact us via the contact page or call us on 07973 553549


Car Listings

Make: BMW
Model: 6 Series (G32) GT 2017 on
Fuel: Petrol
Variant: 640i 335bhp 2017 on
ECU Type: Bosch MG1CS003
BHP: 335
Modified BHP: 400
Original Torque (nm): 450
Modified Torque (nm): 550
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