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Emaps Driven By Passion

Emaps is the UK’s leading car engine tuner. With over 24 years of experience in Chip Tuning and Remapping ensuring your car is in safe hands. We have 1000s of satisfied customers with feedback on many motoring forums such as Pistonheads.

We offer a full mobile car engine tuning and custom remapping/chip tuning service around England and Wales enabling us to attend your home or work to carry out the upgrade. Full diagnostics are also carried out before commencing any work and full engine data logging during test drive.

We also offer custom remaps on our independent dyno in Chesterfield offering a before and after dyno run including dyno plot print out.

EGR, DPF and Ad-Blue solutions:
Emaps can offer solutions for DPF (diesel Particle Filter) EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and Ad-Blue/NOx emissions errors.

For a quotation or you can’t find your car listed, send an enquiry via the contact page or give us a call on 07973 553549.

Super Car Tuning

Removing the factory restrictions from your high end performance car giving a more exciting drive.

4 x 4 Tuning

Performance improvement and improved miles per gallon for all 4×4 vehicles.

Van Tuning

Van tuning and remapping improving the torque and power keeping your business moving.

Results Driven

Over 23 years of experience and thousands of happy customers on various car enthusiast forums.

Proven Technology

Using the latest technology available your car is safe in our hands.

Results Proven

All of our remapping software is custom written and developed in house for optimum power gains ensuring reliability, drivability and economy.

Customer Satisfaction

We only aim for 100 % Customer satisfaction.

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